PXN P50 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad For iOS 16 /Nintendo Switch/Lite/OLED,Joystick Gaming Controller For PC Windows Steam Games


  • Brand Name: PXN
  • Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo
  • Compatible Nintendo Model: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Trigger Button Type: Non-Linear
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Package: Yes
  • Type: Gamepads
  • Model Number: PXN-P50
  • Interface Type: USB,Bluetooth
  • Compatible Platform: Nintendo Switch,PC,IOS,STEAM
  • Certification: CE
  • PC Computer: Window 7/8/10/11
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Note: The Bluetooth-compatible wireless connection to the computer is only suitable for Steam games, and the desktop computer needs to provide its own Bluetooth receiver. PC games other than Steam need to be connected with a data cable. (Does not support Apple MAC system)

Product Information:


Morandi Colors:White, Blue, Green, Purple ,Brown
Support Platform: Nintendo Switch(Bluetooth-compatible wireless connection), PC(Windows 7/8/10/11),
iOS Device: Native Controller Mode (iOS 16)

1. Macro Keys: Double buttons on the back, M1/M2 can be customized to map other key values, and can set burst, macro combo.

2. Six-axis somatosensory: built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip, somatosensory fine-tuning assistance, FPS-type wrist micro-pressure,it can quickly lock the target.

3. NFC sensing function: built-in high-performance NCF chip, supports all kinds of amibo cards, quick induction, and you can get it with a swipe of equipment.

4. Multi-function handle: one-key wake-up function, APP visual programming, multi-stage burst function.


Switch Wireless Gaming Controller

Wireless Gaming Controller for Switch

APP Visual Programming

One Button to Wake up NS Host

Six-Axis Somatosensory

NFC Sensor

Multi-Stage Turbo Function

Wireless/Wired Dual Connection Mode

New Morandi Color Scheme Inspiration

Personalized Design and Innovative Color to show a different sense of fashion

Enjoy Playing in Dual Platform

Direct Connect to Switch by Bluetooth

Support Wireless/Wired Connection With Switch and PC, Enjoy Playing Multiple Games on PC Steam Platform

iOS Device: Native Controller Mode (iOS 16)

Note: Bluetooth Connection to PC is only Available for Steam Games, and Desktop computers need to have a Bluetooth receiver,

PC Games that are not on the Steam Platform require a data cable to connect for us(Apple MAC System is not supported)

APP Preset Management & Visual Programming

The Self-Developed APP can manage controller settings, with Visual Operation and Programming Functions to Create an Exclusive Personalized controller.

Configuration Macro

Configure Macro Buttons to Easily Perform High-End Operations in the Game.

Official Configuration-Users can import the official default custom configuration into the device for Experience.

Player Share-Users can share the Excellent Custom Configuration with other Players via QR Code.

Please Download the APP[PXN Play] for more details

Infinity Turbo Function

Multi-Stage Adjustment of Turbo Speed

Auto/Semiauto Turbo Setting

Macro Button

Customized Yours Game Operation

Designed with two Buttons M1/M2 on the Back can be customizable Mapping other Buttons, The Buttons also can set Turbo and Macro Combo

Joystick Interchange Setting

With interchangeable left and Right Joystick and D-Pad Functions, Easy to Meet the Needs of Different Games.

More Comfortable Vibrations and More Immersive Experiences

APP can individually Adjust the Asymmetrical Motor, and the Vibration Frequency can be set freely, The Vibration Feeling of Multiple Scenes, Such as the collision of Racing Cars and Fighting Blows, Can Shape a Feeling of Immersion.

Easy to Play with One Click

Support One Button on the Controller to Wake up the Switch Host

Six-Axis Somatosensory Helps You Adapt to Changes

Built-in 6-Axis Gyroscope chip can be Used with Somatosensory Fine-tuning Assistance to Perform wrist Micro-Pressure in FPS Games to Quickly lock the Targets, The Somatosensory can Control the Direction in Racing Games to Bring Players a real immersive Experience.

Sensititive Induction to Get Game Equipment

Built-in High-performance NFC Chip, Support all kinds of Amiibo card, and the treasure can be obtained by swiping the card.

Low Power Consumption and Long Battery Life

Built-in High-performance battery and Using Pest Energy-saving technology to effectively improve the efficiency of battery use and extend the game time

12 Months Warranty:

Our products have a strict quality inspection when they are made, if the gaming steering wheel you received is unusable,

please contact us, and we will provide you with a complete after-sales warranty service.


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