T4 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller 2.4G Wireless Gamepad applies to Nintendo Switch Apple Arcade Mfi Games Android Phone


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Six-axis gyroscope highly supports Nintendo Switch games

GameSir T4 Pro gamepad is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope to support somatosensory control; which can sensitively capture the player’s movements and accurately reflect them in the game. For example; in the Switch game “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”; the player can control the character to launch arrows through somatosensory operations to attack the enemy. More precise operation means that it is easier to surpass the opponent.

Support multi-platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android / iOS / PC

GameSir T4 Pro game controller is an unprecedented game controller that supports almost all gaming platforms; including Nintendo Switch; Android; iOS and Windows PC. Meet the needs of many players on multiple platforms.

Deep support for Apple Arcade and MFi games

In addition to the performance improvements brought by Apple on iOS 13; there are more game subscription services; Apple Arcade is one of them. And GameSir will never fall behind; gamers can now use GameSir T4 Pro joystick to play Apple Arcade games. Not only that; as long as it is an MFi certified game; GameSir T4 Pro gamepad also supports it.

Support Cloud Gaming

The emergence of cloud gaming heralds future changes in games; and GameSir T4 Pro is ready for this. T4 Pro is compatible with most cloud games and various popular cloud gaming platforms; such as Microsoft xCloud; Xbox Game Pass Ultimate; Sony PlayStation Now; Google STADIA; NVIDIA GeForce Now; Parsec; LiquidSky; Hatch: Play;; Vortex; NetEase Cloud Games and Tencent Start; etc. GameSir T4 Pro can elevate your gaming experience to the cloud!

Programmable buttons for highly personalized configurations

Create your own personalized configuration and conquer other players! GameSir T4 Pro gaming controller supports users to customize the four buttons on the back with simple settings.

Asymmetric vibration motors

GameSir T4 Pro game controller has two asymmetric vibration motors; which can enhance the immersion of the game and provide a real-time and realistic game experience. That is to say; when a player shoots; hits a target or is hit in the game; its asymmetric design can provide corresponding real-time feedback based on these different game scenarios.

Colorful LED backlight: stunning appearance even in the dark

Maybe you never imagined a rainbow appearing at night; but when you turn on GameSir T4 Pro controller; you will see the rainbow glow from the translucent body. In addition; you can adjust the brightness of the backlight through specific button combinations.

Linear trigger button for more precise control

Unlike ordinary buttons; GameSir T4 Pro’s linear shoulder buttons can provide multiple stages of performance. Linear buttons are like the throttle of a car. The heavier you step; the faster the car. In other words; in the game; you can precisely control the moving speed; attack speed and attack intensity of the game characters.

Tech Specs

Brand: GameSir
Model: T4 Pro
Connection: Wireless / Wired
Wireless Technology: Bluetooth / 2.4GHz Wireless
Working Platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android (Android 9.0 or later) / iOS (iOS 13.0 or later) / Windows PC (Windows 7 or later)
Six-Axis Gyroscope: Yes (for Switch only)
Vibration Motors: Yes (for Switch and PC only)
Turbo Button: Yes
Battery Capacity: built-in 600mAh lithium battery
Connectivity: Type-C
Package Size: 17.2*16.8*7.3cm / 6.77*6.61*2.87in
Gross Weight: 400g / 0.88lb

Compatible Mobile Phone
Width: less than 100mm
Note: Please remove the phone case before use.

In the Box

1* GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Gaming Controller
1* 2.4GHz Wireless USB Receiver
1* Detachable Phone Holder
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual

GameSir T4 Pro Unboxing Video

YouTuber はせぽん ゲームレビ


Women and children are an important part of the gaming community; but most standard gamepads on the market are better suited for men’s larger hands. In order to let you and your girlfriend play games sweetly; or spend a happy parent-child time with your children through games; GameSir has launched the T4 Mini gamepad; which has a compact and lightweight body design; more suitable for girls and children with small hands. Play games with the GameSir T4 Mini and the full-sized T4 Pro; and the whole family will have more fun!

Like the GameSir T4 Pro; the T4 Mini game controller also has excellent cross-platform compatibility; allowing you to enjoy more fun on Nintendo Switch; desktop computer; laptop; Android and iOS devices. In particular; GameSir T4 Mini is perfect for multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch; it not only provides realism in the game through the built-in 6-axis gyroscope and asymmetric dual motors; but also can transmit the joyful atmosphere in the game to the real life. If you are looking for a small but powerful gaming controller for your girlfriend or kids; GameSir T4 Mini will be your first choice.

Mini size for women and children

Too much finger travel between buttons? Lack of grip? Too bulky; especially in a long game? It’s time for you to rethink the size of your gamepad and eliminate these discomforts and hassles from gaming by using GameSir T4 Mini. The small size of the T4 Mini (14.3*8.3cm / 5.63*3.27in) allows small hands to hold the controller more comfortably; reducing fatigue. Therefore; they can play bigger in the right size. What’s more; the ease of use and portability of the mini controller makes it easier for the whole family to play together at home or on the go.

Perfect for Switch and Switch Lite for greater glory in multiplayer games

GameSir T4 Mini gaming controller will go into automatic sleep mode after you turn off the Nintendo Switch console screen; making it easier to preserve battery life without having to manually shut down. At the same time; pressing the Home button on the T4 Mini wakes up the Nintendo Switch console; allowing you to easily and quickly start a new round of games at any time.

Make the game more real

A. Equipped with a 6-axis gyro; GameSir T4 Mini allows gamers to implement or combine more motion inputs; such as tilt and rotation; for more active and immersive interactions in Switch motion-controlled games.

B. Asymmetric dual motors produce different and non-monotonic vibration effects on the left and right grips; providing timely; combined; vivid vibration feedback; especially in racing; fighting and shooting games.

Multi-platform compatibility

As mentioned at the beginning; GameSir T4 Mini is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also widely compatible with Windows PC; Android smartphone; Android tablet; Apple iPhone; and iPad; so you can easily switch between platforms for more fun without changing the controller.

Excellent game compatibility

A small body doesn’t mean less features or lower performance. With GameSir T4 Mini game controller; you can easily launch MFi or Apple Arcade games on iOS mobile devices and play HID games with controller support on Android devices.

A variety of Turbo modes are very user-friendly

The Turbo function enables continuous shooting action without the need for continuous keystrokes; which relieves finger fatigue and reduces wear and tear on the gamepad. GameSir T4 Mini presets a variety of flexible Turbo modes that allow you to maximize Turbo customization; including Manual Turbo; Auto Turbo; Single Key Turbo and Turbo Off. Therefore; different game players can implement different game strategies in different game scenarios; so as to achieve the ultimate game experience.

Adjustable backlight modes; shine in your own way

You can choose from 4 backlight modes on the joystick. The customization of backlight colors and modes can create different game atmospheres in different scenes; whether it is tense or relaxed; making you more immersed in the game world.

There is a line in Flipped that says “But every once in a while you find someone who’s iridescent; and when you do; nothing will ever compare.” On GameSir T4 Mini; you can find rainbows in 3 ways (static / circulatory / breathing). May this bring good luck to your game.

A. Static (9 colors available; blue; red; green; yellow; cyan; orange; purple; pink and rainbow color)
B. 8 colors circulatory breathing
C. Rainbow breathing
D. Off

Long battery life; endless fun

A full charge of GameSir T4 Mini takes about 3 hours. Built-in 600mAh lithium battery allows you to keep the game for about 10 hours. In addition; the power saving design of automatic sleep mode reduces battery consumption and longer gaming fun.

Tech Specs

Brand: GameSir
Model: T4 Mini
Connection: Wireless (for Nintendo Switch; Android; iOS) / Wired (for PC)
Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 5.0
Working Platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android (Android 9.0 or later) / iOS (iOS 13.0 or later) / Windows PC (Windows 7 or later)
Six-Axis Gyroscope: Yes (for Switch only)
Vibration Motors: Yes (for Switch and PC only)
T Button (Turbo Button): Yes
Screenshot Button: Yes (for Nintendo Switch / Windows 10 / Android only)
Auto Sleep Mode: Yes
Wake up Switch Console: Yes
Battery Capacity: built-in 600mAh lithium battery
Connectivity: Type-C
Package Size: 14.9*8.9*6.6cm / 5.87*3.5*2.6in
Gross Weight: 260g / 0.57lb

In the Box

1* GameSir T4 Mini Bluetooth Gaming Controller
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual

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